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What is Hansadwani Foundation?

We are a NGO, built with a huge vision of educating poor students and providing books, pencils and clothes. We try to find out deserving students who need financial support and fund for their studies. We also help street dogs and send them to a place where they are safe &  we provide money who take care of street dogs. We also provide food for poor people.

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Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all children will get a quality education and a home for stray dogs and food for poor people.

With the fineness of god, Sourabh and Aishwarya need to accomplish something for meriting understudies who need monetary help for their examinations. The world has turned self absorbed at this point there are relatively few people who commit their lives to improve this world a spot to live in for the voiceless creatures. Gives the correct channels to humane residents to start and oversee activities, that tackle hunger locally.

What We Do

We Find & Fund

We find people who are in need and give them finance for basic necessity, education, books and pencils. We serve street dogs, send them to animal rescue home and provide finance to the rescue home.

We Educate

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood.

We Build Networks

We will build our network with who wants to provide funds to our NGO. Building networks with other NGO’S, ORGANISATIONS and OTHER PEOPLE will help the needy people.

We Provide Care

We support old age people. We care for children who who want to study. We provide basic necessity to poor people. We save dogs and send them to a safe place

We Strengthen

The best way to strengthen our NGO is we will tell others about our NGO and ask them to support it. Growing our business in this way will help us to reach more number of needy people, educate children and save dogs.

We Consult

We consult other organization to support our NGO. We would be happy if anyone wants to donate for poor people , for children’s education and to save dogs.

Impact Stories

Education is the way out of poverty.

These stories feature characters or families living and coping with poverty. Sometimes they’re just trying to get by other times they’re trying to better their lives. I have seen children selling pens instead of going to school. Children instead of going to school start begging this has become a huge impact on children’s life. Homeless children are a pretty invisible population. Homeless people sleep on the roadside many people don’t have money to buy food. At the point when I asked those children “why are you not going to school?” They said “We are poor who will send us to school and we have to work for one-time food also ” This was heartbreaking to hear so we planned to start a NGO where we provide quality education to those children and also provide them stationaries and clothes.

The story of street dogs

I have heard street dogs are called by a dirty dog, a start dog, a filthy animal, and so on. I have seen the life of dog starts by kicked and shoes away by the street sweepers. Sometimes stones are thrown at them or a stick is poked into their bony body.What amazes me is the amount of food people throw away, without a thought of feeding us. But I guess in the end it’s God’s way of providing us with food. Man’s anger or hatred towards us is something I have never been able to understand. But in the end, life on the road toughens dogs and makes them ready to face all hardships. It makes them a fighter. What humans see to fail is that in the end, dogs are all the same race, just different breeds. Both can break your heart, dogs by dying, humans by lying and leaving you.

Our Partners

Donate : Your Support Matters

Add to assist us with giving fundamental food backing to those out of luck. We wish to help all understudies in their instructive excursion, yet during the underlying stages we center just around understudies who are without either of their folks and who need monetary help for their schooling. Reliable meals for homeless dogs.